10 Trendy Bamboo Bathroom Ideas

Bamboo is synonymous with nature, style and durability which makes it ideal for your bathroom.

Discover inspiration below with our 10 Trendy Bamboo Bathroom Ideas that will make your bathroom feel like your own personal retreat.


Bamboo Ladder RacksRelaxDays Folding Bamboo Towel Ladder Rack



Introducing this ladder effect towel racking into your bathroom can give it that all natural feeling, whilst also being practical. Typically you can move these around the room to find the best place for you as there is no drilling required. This particular one pictured, can fold halfway to make it completely freestanding in a triangular shape. You'll be able to find plenty of different options for these and some may even have built in shelves.


Bamboo Duckboards and Bath MatsRelaxDays Bamboo Bath Mat



Keeping you off the wet floor, duckboards add a comforting, spa effect to your bathroom. Water will evaporate quickly on the natural bamboo material, which makes these duckboards a strong alternative to standard bath mats. For maintenance, you can easily wipe down these boards with a damp cloth to keep them looking vibrant. We've got a few options available for these on our website, however there are all different shapes and sizes available all over the internet.


Bamboo Laundry HampersRelaxDays Rectangular Bamboo Hamper



A laundry hamper is a must, whether its in your bathroom or bedroom. With so many colours available with so many different types of hampers, you can style this into any room. Bamboo is an ideal material for hampers as its lightweight, meaning it won't break your back moving this around, it is hyperallergenic and often sturdier than a lot of wood based hampers. You can view our hamper options here.


Bamboo StoolsRelaxDays Bamboo Folding Footstool



A footstool can be handy in the bathroom for more reasons than one, you're able to place toiliteries on it or simply use it for a rest whilst your bath fills up. Getting a foldaway stool can be ideal in smaller spaces as you are able to collapse it and store it elsewhere when not in use. Being made out of Bamboo, it is also suitable for the shower as it's naturally water-resistant and antimicrobial. We have a variety of different stools available.


Bamboo Shower CaddyRelaxDays 3-Tier Bamboo Shower Caddy



A high-quality Bamboo caddy can add a natural flair to your room, whilst also giving you often much needed portable storage. The rung accross the top allows you to transport towels, toiliteries and accessories all in one go. A caddy like the one shown above is useful in scenarios where you have freestanding sanitaryware and don't want to clutter the room up with units or shelves. If this one doesn't suit your fancy, you can view more here.


Bamboo Accessory SetsRelaxDays Bamboo Bathroom Accessories Set of 3



A vibrant, natural looking set of accessories to finally give you that uniform look around your basin area. With Bamboo's naturally light and friendly colour, along with the wood grains can give you that sauna/spa feeling that is often needed after a long day. Uniform accessories can be found on our website here.


Bamboo Mirrors and CabinetsRelaxDays Free-Standing Bamboo Mirror



Whether you're applying your make up, styling your outfit or getting ready for the day - a mirror will make it easier for you. A bamboo mirror adds a touch of natural warmth to your space. The wood grain and naturalistic style allows it to blend in the majority of themes in the bathroom. You'll find Bamboo mirrors both freestanding and wall hung.


Bamboo Bath Bridge CaddyRelaxDays Bamboo Bathtub Caddy with Bookstand



With a bath caddy made of moisture-resistant bamboo, you’ll get the finishing piece for pure serenity and the peace of mind that water won't harm it. A bath caddy can be essential in most bath set ups with the job of housing any devices, soaps or even drinks. Bath caddies and freestanding caddies can come in all different shapes and sizes which we sell here.


Bamboo basinsRelaxDays Round Bamboo Above-counter Basin



A modern bamboo basin is a way to add a touch of nature with warmth and luxury for bathrooms and wetrooms. A bamboo sink is eye-catching, due to there not being many on the market. Combine this ceramic alternative with complimentary brassware and you are good to go.


Bamboo Room DividerRelaxDays 3 Panel Room Divider Bamboo



In small or shared spaces, a room divider can be handy to create privacy aswell as a decorative element. Room dividers can create a freestanding partition that also retains brightness in the room. With the use of Bamboo, it creates a spa effect which will blend in with any interior.



Natural and organic style items like bamboo, wood or wood-effect items are perfect in the bathroom to give you the ultimate spa experience, in the comfort of your own home. Typically these materials aren't as costly as others like marble, ceramic or resin. Bamboo especially is typically cheaper as it is more abundant than trees and is much easier to grow than hardwood. By swapping to bamboo, you'd be doing your part in rescuing mother nature.

You can find our article on why Bamboo is good in the bathroom here.

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