Can you have Bamboo in a shower?

Bamboo is a grass, therefore more water repellent than wood, but it is not completely waterproof. You shouldn't use Bamboo products in a shower area. Once treated, it will increase the amount of water resistance but will never be completely waterproof.

Unknown to most, Bamboo is not completely waterproof, it has natural layers of protection that some hardwoods don't. This means that its a strong alternative for flooring, furniture or accessories in higher moisture areas but is not to be used in a shower.

Sealing your Bamboo products is the greatest way to increase its water resistance, but here are some tips below on how else to tackle this.


Bamboo Flooring

Preventing water damage to your bamboo floor is often a case of trying your best to keep water exposure limited. In terms of whether you can have Bamboo flooring in a shower area,  simply do not install bamboo flooring in a wetroom scenario. You are able to use Bamboo flooring in a bathroom but spills and liquid must be wiped up as soon as possible to avoid any sitting water. This simply wouldn't be possible if it was in a shower area.


Bamboo Furniture and Accessories

In no instance should you keep Bamboo products inside of a shower, but if you are to; Avoid prolonged exposue to liquids, if you have a bamboo stool, bring this out of your shower to dry once used. If you are using Bamboo soap bottles or other accessories, try to keep these away from water as much as possible.


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