Bathroom styles you can create using Bamboo

Bamboo can be used in numerous ways to create an interior style in your bathroom, from staining to make a Rustic theme or using the vibrant colour of bamboo to tie in with a Nordic style.

Here are a few ways in which you can style your bamboo bathroom decor to create the style of your theme.




Bamboo styles you can create using bamboo - Spa style.Nataliya Yahela


A spa style bathroom will typically contain Bamboo or Wood, used in slats to give you that sauna / spa atmosphere. These slats will make the room feel warm and cosy whilst also being easy to maintain and fit. If you're unable to integrate these in the floor or walls of your new spa, you can use something much more affordable and portable, like a Bamboo Bath Mat, a Bamboo Stool or a Bamboo Room Divider

For a spa effect room, you typically want to create space and keep everything tucked away, using slick Bamboo Bathroom cabinets and units will tie in with the style but also keep everything de-cluttered.

Typically in spa retreats and bathrooms, you'll typically see a lot of nature / plants. You might want to consider using some Bamboo plants or canes which introduce muted shades into the room. 



 Nature inspired bathroom Bamboo Bathrooms

Bathrooms including natural greenery and plants seem to be all the craze at the moment. It is all about creating that much needed balance in your bathroom. Muted pastel tones, like soft pinks, and rich organic hues are what makes this bathroom style feel warm and welcoming— a must in any relaxing space. 

The organic / nature style typically includes a variety of plants, bamboo, wood or stones. Using these materials strips back all the stress and anxiety of modern living and gives you the bliss in a natural hideaway.

To create this look using Bamboo, you could use any of our bathroom accessories, furniture or mirrors as they all tie in with the natural style. You might want to consider using some plants and letting in some natural light. 

Using products with rounded edges and avoiding sharp angles will stray away from the ultra modern and minimalistic themes you often see and give you that all natural feeling to help you unwind.





If you can't get away for a peaceful break in a tropical place like Bali, why not bring Bali to you, all year round?

Very similar to the natural / organic style bathroom spoken about above, the Bali style of Bathrooms entales plants, stones, wood and bamboo but the main feature in this style is the open space and natural light.

You can use Bamboo or wooden slats (pictured above) to create the spa / sauna atmosphere and bring relaxing tones into the room. Once again, if this is not possible or you don't have the space, you could introduce a simple Bamboo Bath mat.

To create the Bali style, you'd typically use darker colours when choosing your plants or bamboo / wood. Most of our Bamboo comes in its natural, vibrant colour however these can be stained and darkened to fit the theme.





The image above encapsulates the scandi / noridc style of bathrooms perfectly. These styles are all about embracing minimalism using clean, simple lines without sacrificing functionality and beauty.

The scandi style favours bright airy spaces which can be achieved using Bamboo by using its natural colour, the majority of our Bamboo products come in their natural colour which suits this style completely. 

Our Bamboo Bathroom Accessories, mirrors and storage fit perfectly and effortlesly with the scandi / noridc style as they have got wood effect textures to them whilst remaining bright and bringing in warmth. 

As with some of the other styles mentioned, you may want to introduce plants and natural light for the best result.






Rustic design incorporates unrefined elements, from towering stone to reclaimed wood. Rustic bathroom decor is all about natural beauty with a rugged edge, making it a great choice for all bathrooms of different sizes and shapes. Moreover, it helps you bring a touch of the outdoors in, creating a serene, warm atmosphere. 

When creating your Rustic bathroom, think neutral colors, wooden shelves and walls, natural tiles, and vintage-inspired furniture. 

In order to achieve a Rustic look with Bamboo, you'd typically need to stain and re-varnish them to make them slightly darker and more rich. This would be typically be paired with a dark stone to create that blissful rustic look. 

Adding in small elements like a rustic vanity unit or a dark wood style mirror can add that warm, natural look to your bathroom.





In the most modern of Bathrooms, you'll still see wood and neutral tones which can be portrayed by our Bamboo, just with a more eco-friendly approach. Modern interior design typically tends to feature straight, clean lines with uncluttered countertops and geometric shapes. 

You can include our textured Bamboo in a modern bathroom, but if you wanted to go for that all slick and smooth look, you chould choose some of our Bamboo that has been smoothed, like this tissue box below.



Relaxdays White Bamboo Tissue Box



Bamboo can fit into pretty much any interior style in the bathroom as it has got great versatility; it can be painted, stained or just used in its natural finish. If you wish to use Bamboo in your bathroom but are struggling for ideas, please see our 10 Trendy Bamboo Bathroom Ideas article.